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Teacher Nobie’s K-1 class, 10/26/12

Our question of the day is: What is your favorite thing to do at choice time?

We’re at the clay table.

Jacob: I’m not sure yet what I’m making.

Fredy: I’m thinking of what to make. A snake. It’s candy.

Chi-An: Are those little blue balls gumdrops?

Jacob: Yeah.

Fredy’s candy has come over to get some candy.

Jacob: Bite these candies!

Fredy: If you insist.

Francisco made a shark.


Meanwhile, at the drawing table:

Isalena: Look! I made a heart flower with colored circles. And a heart with flowers inside (these are on the edges). And I wrote my name. It’s a card for my mom and my dad for Valentine’s Day.

Abby: I’m trying to draw a cat.

Isalena: It looks like a cat face.

Abby: I’m going to make it brown because I have a cat who is brown. I’m making a card for my mom.

Margot: I’m making a book of dresses.

Sandy: I drew a princess and a vampire. The princess is happy because she doesn’t see the vampire yet. When she sees him she’ll go and get the king to help.

From Teacher Nobie:

This week and next week we are exploring what community means. We have been talking about how kids help at home. They’ve been writing and drawing in the mornings about this. It’s developmentally appropriate for kids of this age to have tasks and responsibilities.  We want to build a sense of them being active community members.

See you at Pancake Breakfast!


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