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Teacher Nobie’s K-1 Class, 11/2/12

Above: Iisis with her finished drawing.

Today we started a quilt as part of our Community project. Our classroom is one example of a community to which we all belong. Each person in the class is going to draw a picture of themselves on a fabric square. When they are all finished, they will be sewn together into one quilt to represent our classroom community.

Javaris hard at work.


Chloe’s almost done with her picture- she’s drawn herself and a friend.


Miranda adds extra embellishments.


Leeyana has a house and flowers in her portrait.


After Choice Time, we packed up our bags and went to the library.

Teacher Tawnya (our librarian) read to us. The book is called Clatter Bash! A Day of the Dead Celebration, by Richard Keep. We took turns describing what we saw on each page. Some of the words are in Spanish, and some of us can understand those words, like buenos noches: “It means ‘go to sleep’,” explained Leeyana. Everyone knew that Gracias! means “Thank you!”

Then we used our new shelf marker skills to select books for the classroom. A shelf marker marks your place on the shelf while you look at a book and decide if you want that one. That way you can always return a book to the proper place on the shelf if you decide you don’t want it. And remember: Lost books go to the cart!

Have a great weekend!




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