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Teacher Nobie’s K-1 class, 11/9/12

Above: Ben lets his quilt square do the talking.

At choice time today we continued working on our quilt project.

Camilo shows his square.

Orlando shows some love.

Isalena shows her self-portrait. It includes a ladybug.

Lia’s square has lots of colored snowballs and pink polka-dots!

Christopher and Fredy are working on their pictures. Christopher’s name is really long, so Fredy gave him a hint on the last few letters. Great teamwork!

After choice time, we headed to the library, where we learned the difference between fiction and non-fiction. Teacher Tawnya read us two books about pumpkins. We discussed the stories and decided which was one was fact and which was a made-up story. She taught us a chant to help remember: “Fiction is fake, non-fiction is fact!”

Family conferences next week!


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