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Teacher Nobie’s Class, 11/16/12

Above: Treazure shows his quilt square.

We’ve finished our quilt squares and they’ll be sewn together to make the class community quilt.

Here’s a peek at what we did at choice time:

Lia: I made a lipgloss and a birdhouse.

Chloe and Sandy’s structures.

Ben: This house is closed.

Isalena and Miranda made drawings for each other (center and right). Margot drew a rainbow with extra decorations (left).

Iisis shows her drawing.

After we cleaned up from choice time, we had a closing circle. We shared our writings from this morning. Our writings are about our plans for the weekend. Some people chose to read their page, and others chose to just show their picture.

We also talked about our favorite part of class this week. Teacher Nobie gave us a starter sentence: “I liked it when we…”

Fredy: I liked it when I played with Francisco at Legos.

Ben: I liked it when I played blocks with Sandy and Chloe and Miranda.

Miranda: I liked it when we drew pictures of our family.

Christopher: I liked it when I played with Jacob and Francisco at clay during choice time.

Teacher Nobie noted how many people in our class have been sick or not feeling well this week. He said that he was proud of the class for working hard, asking for help, and helping each other even though they weren’t always feeling their best. He said “Have a good weekend and rest well. We have a short week next week!”


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