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Exploring Plants!

There is so much to know about our fellow plants and what better place to learn about them but in the garden! This fall season we learned about plant life cycles and searched for squash, corn and beans among the sunflowers. As winter approaches the rains bring lush green lettuce and nasturtium flowers that we harvest for our plant part salads. All the students have participated in making garden journals, seed saving and planting their own  seeds in the green house. This is a brief breakdown of some of the topics we have been covering,

 K-1– Life Cycles, seasons, basic planting, sensory awareness, fall scavenger hunts, sorting seeds, what plants need to grow, plant parts, learning fruits vs veggies, plant part salads, vegetable stamp art.

2/3- Life cycles, seasons, basic planting, fall scavenger hunts, seed dissection, seed adaptations, plant part functions, secret plant scavenger hunts, plant parts we eat, vegetable stamp art.

4/5– Life cycles, seasons, basic planting, seasons, plant experiments, pesticide effects on plants and animals, water use, plant part salads, plant identification.

Garden Stewards Program- 6-8th– The GSP have been caring for their own plots that they steward and take care of for the year. Food justice, planting seeds, transplanting, record keeping and composting are just some of the things they have been learning.

Jacob, Camilo, Benjamin, and Christopher on a fall scavenger hunt

Beet and Alex creating a seed for travel

Hernan with his fava bean plant.


Middle school student harvesting her first radish

We will be revisiting plants in the spring and learning about pollination and reproduction. In the upcoming weeks after break we will be studying nutrition, cooking from the garden, and exploring the wonderful world of soil and creatures that live in it.





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