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Ms. Zapata’s 4/5 Class, 12/21/12

Above: Raishad and Vincent are showing how a cloud is made.

Our reporters today are Kevin and Julia.

We had Project Open House! Kevin: My project was about how to save water. When you shower, if you’re not using the water, don’t let it run. I also worked on a computer slide show about water.

Julia: My project was a game. We had a globe and there were balls of paper that were meant to be water. One was going up for evaporating. And then there was clouds made of cotton connected by a pipe cleaner. Some of the balls of paper were coming down from the clouds and some were going up to the clouds. There were little labels and when people came to play the game, they would get the balls of paper and they would try to guess where the labels went. The labels were Evaporation, Condensation, Saturation, Precipitation, and Accumulation. People had a good time playing the game. Teacher Chris (from last year) was the only one who got them all right.

Melissa shows us how much of the Earth’s water is fresh water.

Hernan shows us the water footprint of foods we eat.

Theo and Philip’s project is about the reasons to use tap water instead of bottled water.

After the presentations we asked the audience to sign pledges to help save water. The posters each showed a different way people can help to conserve water.

Kevin: The Water from the Well project where we used only two gallons of water in a day was hard for me. It was hard because the water was freezing! It started out warm but when I washed with it was cold. I also washed dishes with the water.

In circle time we talked about some things that happened in class. One of them was about lining up. Ms. Zapata noticed that the lines were very loud in the hallway. In the end we all agreed that the lines should be quieter. Some of the consequences of having loud lines might be quarter recess or no recess.

In circles we have also been talking about what we look forward to. Kevin: I’m looking forward to getting new shoes and presents! Julia: I’m looking forward to the winter break homework because it sounds really cool. It’s about families and I’ve always wanted to know more about my family history.

We finished Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key a while ago, but we haven’t been reading out loud for a bit because we have been busy with project time. Julia: I loved the book. It made me feel and think differently. I’d really like to meet someone like Joey because he’s so different. Kevin: It’s kind of interesting. I wouldn’t want Joey for a friend though because he kind of always gets in trouble.


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