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Ms. Zapata’s 4/5 class, 1/18/13

Today’s reporters are Philip and Raimon.

Philip: This week we watched a Martin Luther King Jr. video. It was a speech from the day before he was assassinated.

Also this week Ms. Z gave us our second block for the map. We’re memorizing the 50 states, one block at a time. This week my group’s block had Pennsylvania, New York, Maine, and the other states in the Northeast.

Raimon: My block had North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Philip: We’re starting reading non-fiction. We read a lot of books, then we go to the rug and tell people about what we learned. We’re also learning to box and bullet a paragraph. So we had this non-fiction article called “Good Enough to Eat”. It was about how in the future we may need to eat bugs and things. We draw a box and put the main idea in and then write bullets next to it about the details. The main idea is that bugs would be an option for meat in the future. A detail was that bugs can eat our food scraps like orange rinds and potato peels.

Did you know that there is a food truck in SF that serves bug tacos? It has moth larvae in it.

Raimon: Earlier in the week we did the CST (California Standardized Test) with the bubbles to fill in. Our writer’s notebook we wrote about how we felt about the test, and if we felt were going to do good or bad.

We watched the “13 Colonies” on BrainPop (an educational video website). The Pilgrims couldn’t practice their religion in the other country, so they came here so they could practice their religion. The Pilgrims arrived by boat in a place called Jamestown.

Both: There was the English colonies, the Middle colonies, and the Southern Colonies. The Southern colonies had really fertile soil so they grew sugar cane, cotton, rice, and tobacco. The Middle colonies mainly farmed wheat and fished, and they traded with people. They had workshops for things like paper, textiles, and metal, like horseshoes. The English colonies farmed and fished, and traded a lot.

We watched the video several times and had a test on the information.


Ms. Zapata's 4th & 5th grade class


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