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Ms. Zapata’s 4/5 class, 1/25/13

Today’s reporters are Melissa and Tavaidi.

Tavaidi: We are learning about maps. The map is of all 50 states. We’re taking a test next Wednesday.

Melissa: The test is a blank map of all 50 states and we need to fill in the names [Note: Ms. Z says the test on Wednesday is not on all 50 states!]. We also made windows- you open the window and see the writing. The windows are Prediction, Questions, Clarification, and Summary.

Tavaidi: We’re working on Word Work. Word Work is when Ms. Z gives us a bunch of words that we write down in our notebooks. We study them and then get a spelling test later. We put them in our notebooks in different order and write down the patterns and use them in sentences.

Melissa: We have a table where we bring in pictures of people in our family and put them on the table. We’re reading a book about Jamestown. There’s a man named John Smith and he made Jamestown. Our pictures are about people in our families who came to America, like John Smith.

Tavaidi: We’re going to the Asian Art Museum in two weeks. I went last year. They showed us a lot of old art and talked about halos and old trophies and antiques. They had old wagons too.

Melissa: Ms. Z is reading us the story about Jamestown and we do boxing and bulleting. We’re supposed to read non-fiction and do boxing and bulleting about it. I’m reading a book about a girl who changes colors called A Bad Case of Stripes. Oops, that’s fiction!

Tavaidi: I’m reading Seahorses and Sea Dragons. I learned that seahorses live close to the shore and tie their tails to seaweed so they don’t float away. They can’t move their jaws so they have to swallow their food whole. Seahorses can camouflage themselves by turning different colors. When they have babies, the babies are on their own and sometimes other seahorses eat them. Sometimes plants grow on their head.


Ms. Zapata's 4th & 5th grade class


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