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Ms. Zapata’s 4/5 class, 2/8/13

Today’s reporters are David and Franco.

This week we went to the Asian Art Museum on Thursday. It was unique and a lot of fun. We learned a lot new stuff we didn’t know. David: My favorite part was the stories about the Buddha and how he was generous and giving. Franco: My favorite part was, when we were exploring, I saw a kitana blade. It was the real thing!

We heard the story of a beast that slobbered and had blood dripping from his mouth. His jaw was really long. He glowed at night on Chinese New Year and everyone hid in the mountains. Except for one old woman who stayed at her cottage and refused to leave. And then an old man came and said, “I know how to destroy the beast.” The beast had three eyes and three legs but was very blind. They came up with a plan to make the beast go away. The beast and the old man went to the heavens. [In Chinese the word for beast and the word for year are very similar- the legend is that you have to overcome the beast to get into the new year. — Ed.]

Over the week we did a social studies scavenger hunt that taught us about Christopher Columbus, the Pilgrims, and the Native Americans. We got our papers and there were cards all over the room. And on our paper it said “Card 1. What was the name of the ship that the Pilgrims came over on to the United States?” Then after that we got up and looked for the card with the answer. There were 17 cards total.

Right now we are currently working on our self-portraits. We have an art class later today. We’re doing it little by little.

We also had a Social Studies test on the states. So far we’ve done five sections and we have one left. The sections are broken up by the states that are close together.

Franco: In 4th grade math we’re learning fractions and long division. Here’s an example: If David has 117 apples and wants to divide them into thirds. How many apples would Franco get if he gets a third, and how many would David have left over? [Answer: 39 apples and David doesn’t get any left over! Sorry David!]

David: In 5th grade math we are learning about prime factorization and factor trees. I like factor trees!

In reading we are doing boxing and bulleting of non-fiction books. David: I read The Wonders inside the Human Body. Franco: My favorite non-fiction book in our table’s bin is Desert Animals. Not Dessert Animals! Dessert animals would be like an ice cream monster or a gummy worm.

We did a project over winter break, our Roots Report. We wrote about our families coming to America and about where we came from, like our countries.

We’re going to the Excelsior Library today. We return the books we took out in the past and get new ones. We have time to look at all the books and choose what we like, even magazines.

We’ve been talking about ways to help Joe (the janitor) and keep the school clean.


Ms. Zapata's 4th & 5th grade class


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