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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 Class, 2/22/13

Above: The parade

Today was our last class of dance with Djenane. We got into our groups and each member of the group wore a lei of the same color (the colors matched our table colors). There were four stations to rotate through, each with different props: jump rope, pompoms, dance ribbon, and a marble and cup game. Djenane played the drum to tell us when to switch to the next station.

Lots of people had trouble with the jump rope, it’s hard! Here’s Camilo giving a try:


Margot and Deybi are at the pompoms. Deybi is using his pompom to tickle Javaris.

Margot and Deybi

Treazure plays with the dance ribbon.


Left to right: Fredy, Christopher, Leeyana, and Jacob play the marble and cup game. One person starts with their cup full of marbles. They squat down to put their marble on the floor, and then stand up. The other person squats down to get the marble and then stands up, and then the first person goes again, as fast as they can. It looks like a complicated dance when you do it fast.

Jacob and Fredy

After we rotated through all the stations, we played limbo with a rope. Miranda scooted under like a crab.

Miranda limbos

Teacher Nobie tried it too. Djenane and Iisis held the rope up higher for him!


After limbo, we did the parade (see above) where we danced in a chain around the room, following Djenane’s instructions. Then we gathered in a circle. People who wanted to perform went into the center one at a time to show their moves. Here’s Javaris:


After we were all done, Djenane rolled us “home” one at a time. She thanked us for the class and gave us her love.

Ben rolls

We’ve been studying money in class. We learned what each coin is called and how much it is worth. At choice time Chi-An showed us her collection of coins from around the world and we got the chance to design our own coins.



At library, we read A Bedtime for Bear, by Bonny Becker. It’s the second book we’re reading for the California Young Readers’ Medal. It’s a very funny book about a bear who is very picky about his bedtime and a mouse who has a sleepover with him. We talked about the book and whether we liked this one more or We Are in a Book! more.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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