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Ms. Zapata’s 4/5 Class, 3/1/13

Today’s reporters are Adriana (left) and Amalia (right).

Ms. Z has been reading aloud a book called The Freedom Menu. We put down the page number and what we think about the text- what we know and what we have read so far. We do this to think more about what we read. The book is about when black people had their own separate things. They couldn’t go to restaurants that white people could, they were told to get out. So far we’re on page 13. We don’t like that white people and black people don’t get along in the book. It’s not fair. Nowadays people do get along and play with each other.

We created book clubs. There are 4, 5, or 6 people in a book club. Ms. Z tells us the assignment, the book to read and how far to read. The people in our book club are at or near our reading level. After we’ve read our assignment, we write a post-it about what we read, show it to Ms. Z, and then talk about it in our group.

Amalia: I’m reading The Cat’s Meow. It’s about a cat that can talk in Spanish. The girl wants to tell her friends that her talk, but when she grabs her cat Pip to talk, the cat won’t talk to her friends. So her friends think she’s a little crazy. I like the book because it’s kind of interesting. Her dad and mom are in their 80s. Her dad always tells a story but he says “when she was a little girl” instead of “when he was a little boy.” He has a hearing problem.P1010290

Adriana: I’m reading The Heart of a Chief. We just started reading it. It’s about a boy who grows up on the Pensacook Indian Reservation. The boy went to school and then his friends go before him when the bell rings. He’s always the last one. One of his friends went to a new homeroom.P1010289

To prepare for parent-teacher conferences, we drew name signs and drew backgrounds for our pictures. They went up on the bulletin board with our Roots project.


Last week we read articles and then wrote ideas into a summary organizer. You write the name, the main idea, and what you know about it. The summary organizers went into our portfolio to show our parents.

In math we’re doing a lot- times tables, division, fractions. We are studying shapes and how they are equal to each other. We’re studying how to multiply fractions. It’s really hard, especially when the bottoms of the fractions are different. We did an exercise about fractions where we got cards with fractions on them. Then we sorted them into different piles for less than, equal to, and more than 1/2. For division, we took a piece of paper and folded it into four sections. The first section is for the problem, the next is for our work, the third is for the buttons we use on the calculator, and the fourth is where we explain how we did our work.

Today we’re doing a fishbowl exercise. One of the reading groups is demonstrating how to have a book discussion and the rest of the class is watching.

Also today, we had a test on the 50 states. We had to write the names of the states on a map. It’s pretty hard.


Ms. Zapata's 4th & 5th grade class


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