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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 Class, 3/1/13

Today during Writing Workshop we wrote about what we are going to do this weekend. First, Teacher Nobie led us in writing some sample sentences. We wrote two sample sentences, emphasizing transition words. The first was what we were going to do.


The second sentence is what we want to do. We had a choice of using either start, “I am going to” or “I want to”.


We read over the sentences together and discussed the transition words. Then we sat down in our table groups to write. First, we took some time to draw sketches to plan out what to write. Then, we started writing our sentences. Teacher Nobie noted that some people were writing about three separate activities, and some people chose to write out the individual steps of one activity, either one is fine. “On Saturday I am going to cook banana soup. First I will cut the bananas, then I will put them in a pot on the stove.”

Below: Margot, Deybi, and Javaris are writing away.


When we were done we went to our side spots on the rug to share. Teacher Nobie noted that when we share, often it’s the same five people who want to share. He said “I’m not going to make everyone share with the whole class, but I want everyone to get used to sharing their work with at least one other person.” So at first we turned to our neighbor and shared our writing in pairs. Below, Sandy and Jacob are sharing.


When we were done pair-sharing, we went around the rug and shared our writing and showed our pictures. Some people chose to share, and other people chose to pass.

After we were done with Writing Workshop, we lined up and went to the cafeteria for lunch.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Parent of an SFC 6th grader and an SFC '17 grad


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