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Ms. Zapata’s 4/5 Class, 3/8/13

Today’s reporters are Lena (left) and Taliyah (right).


This week we had the Constitutional Convention, where we had to write why slavery should end and why we should have the right to vote. The groups were Northern Merchants and Bankers, White Women, Male Southern Plantation owners, free African Americans, enslaved African Americans, White Workers/Indentured Servants, and the Iroquois Nation. We were pretending to argue about slavery and suffrage. We took turns, like in a debate, but we also argued. We didn’t come to any conclusions, but we all presented our points of view.


white women

Northern bankers

We prepared for the Convention for a week, starting on Monday. We held the Convention today after first recess. It took about half an hour.

Taliyah: In book club I’m reading The Cat’s Meow. In part of the book the cat was a boy and then turned into a girl. I don’t quite get how that happened. I think the people thought she was a boy cat and then they found out she was a girl. The cat’s owner wanted to move to a different country and take the cat with her because her parents didn’t treat the cat right.

Lena: I’m reading The Winter Room. It’s hard to explain. The book changes seasons and there are different stories for each season. The main character is Eldon. Eldon’s Uncle David,  tells stories about the woodcutter. Eldon wonders who the woodcutter is and everything changes.


Every other Wednesday we have Garden class. This week we started with both Groups A and B going down at the same time. We were digging for worms in the Wormy Worm Hotel. We found a really big worm that was over a foot long. Teacher Lindsey said it was an earthworm.

In PE both 4th and 5th grade are doing tests and getting ready for the Fitness Tests. We have to run back and forth and Eric records your score. If you want to do it again Eric will work with you really early in the morning, or after school or at recess. Sometimes the 4th graders do celebrations at the end of the test.

We’re starting historical fiction reading. They will be our next books for book club. We need to buy copies for book club.


Ms. Zapata's 4th & 5th grade class


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