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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 Class, 3/8/13

Above: Orlando starts his Word Sort

We often do Word Sorts to help us learn about the sounds that words make. Families have probably seen lots of these coming home over the year! We start with a sheet of paper with different pictures or words to sort, plus some words and/or pictures that shows the categories. Then we cut the pictures apart and glue them on a new sheet of paper, under the correct category. For instance today some of us were sorting words by their starting sounds: W, J, K, or L. Sometimes it’s a little tricky because you have to think about what word the picture stands for. Is it F for Feather, or W for Wing? Is it a TRuck or a Car or a Jeep?

Unfortunately Teacher Nobie was very sick today so he had to go home at the start of Choice Time. Teacher Martha came in to help us with the end of our day. Magna Tiles and the drawing table were very popular today. Another choice we had was to work on the coin project we started a few weeks ago, where we can design our own coins for our bank. Here’s Deybi’s coins:


Have a great weekend everyone!


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