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Ms. Zapata’s 4/5 Class, 3/15/13

Today’s reporters are Winnie (left) and Caitlyn (right).

This week we were writing in our science notebooks about how systems of the body work. We talked about the pulse. The pulse is from our heart beating. It moves in our arms and you can feel it in your veins. This morning we watched a movie about how the pulse goes in a cycle. We wrote in our science notebooks with “I notice” and “I wonder” about the heart. We learned about how our hearts work in our bodies.



We started our new projects this week about living things and human bodies. In particular about air and how we breathe, and how our systems go. We’re going to the Mission Science Workshop next Wednesday to learn more about the living systems.


We had an AIM (Adventures In Music) concert this morning. It was all the classes from 2nd through 5th grades. They taught us about the instruments they were playing- they were Japanese instruments. One of them was like a saxophone. There was a flute made of bamboo and a large drum. There was a lady who sang a song and played a large instrument that was like a table in front of her. She plucked the strings to make music.

AIM 3/15 Video: AIM 3/15

We started our historical fiction book clubs. Winnie: I’m reading Meet Addy. It’s about an African-American girl at the Civil War. Caityln: I’m reading The Friendship. We haven’t started reading it yet so I don’t know much about it yet. We meet a couple times a week to discuss our books. We talk about the books we’re reading and make some Post-It notes. Then we decide how far to read before the next meeting. And we can never read ahead of that part. It’s a little frustrating sometimes to stick to the target- we want to keep reading and find out how it ends!

We’re reading a new book for read-aloud. It’s called Bud, Not Buddy. It’s about a boy and his mom died. They found a family for him but the family was being mean.  He found a poster and thought it was his dad on the poster. When he got out of the house with the mean family, he found another family he could live with. He’s thinking about going to Chicago to look for Miss Hill, his friend who was a librarian and got married.


Ms. Zapata's 4th & 5th grade class


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