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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 Class, 3/22/13

Above: our flock of birds is growing

This afternoon we did some painting before choice time. Most of them were dry by the time we packed up for library, but some people put their paint on pretty thick and their paintings weren’t dry!

At choice time we made more birds. The birds are still very popular; we had a sign-up sheet and people kept coming over to check how close they were to their turn.

P1010340 P1010341We’ll keep going until everyone who wants to make a bird has made theirs!

Our class recently got an iPad Mini funded from DonorsChoose.org. This website is a great way for classrooms to get needed resources. The iPad has educational games that we can play during choice time. It also has a camera. We have a new classroom job, Class Photographer. Each week two students use the iPad Mini to take pictures of what is happening in class. On Wednesday when we went on our field trip, Ingrid and Camilo took pictures. Look for some of these pictures in future blogs!

At the library we voted on our choices for the California Young Readers’ Medal. First Tawnya reviewed the five books with us. Then we discussed with a friend or two what our choices were and why. Then we voted! Tawnya made two voting booths with pictures to help us read the ballots.P1010343 Margot is casting her vote while Francisco waits his turn.


After voting, we got a special “I Voted!” sticker just like adults do when they vote in elections.


After spring break we’ll find out the results of the election, both for our school and for the whole state.


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