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Exploring Soil!

We have been diving deep into the wonderful world of soil!


The 3rd, 4th and 5th grade made soil horizon jars using different layers to create a mini soil terrarium. The jar resembles the layers of the earth. We collected rocks, sand, clay and topsoil from the garden and planted cover crop seeds on top.


K-2 explored the different parts and pieces that make up soil from rocks, dead plants, and all the creatures that live inside of it. Here Teacher Nobie’s class sorts what they find in the soil in small , medium and large parts.


We have also been exploring how soil is made by composting. The students learned that making compost is like making vitamins for the earth. Ms Ginny’s second grade class made their own compost pile using nasturtium flowers and straw.


We can’t make compost with out decomposers, also known as compost critters! They help to break up all the dead plants and old food by eating it and turning it into soil. All the  classes had the opportunity to dig around in the garden compost pile to find their on compost critters. We found rolly pollies, worms, centipedes, beetles, spiders, slugs and more. We took a closer look at them and watched them run, crawl and squirm!

compsot critters











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