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Ms. Zapata’s 4/5 Class, 4/5/13

Above: the circulatory and respiratory systems.

Today’s reporters are Raishad and Timyas.

This week we’re focusing on the three different systems: the circulatory system, the respiratory system, and the digestive system. We watched videos about all the meaningful parts and where the food goes. Like how the food goes down to the intestines. The respiratory system is about breathing and the circulatory system is about the blood. The three systems work together to keep people healthy.


We had a sub on Tuesday when Ms. Z out for professional development.

In the book clubs we read up to a certain page, and we write post-its with notes on them. Then we discuss our notes in book club. Most clubs are on their second book. We’re reading historical fiction.

Raishad: I’m reading Eva’s Journey. It’s about the Jewish people and how they moved to America. Americans helped Jewish people buy houses and got their kids clothes. The brother and sister made new friends. Their friends were a boy and a girl, the boys played together and the girls played together. It’s the third book we’ve read in book club. I like it- I think it’s interesting. The other people in my group are Taliyah, Amalia, and Kevin.

Timyas: I’m reading Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. It’s about a black family, the Logans, growing up in the South during segregation. We’re on page 218. People are trying to buy land from the Logans but they don’t want to give it up. There are white people who are bothering them. What just happened in the book is there are Knight people who just burned the house of some black people. The Logans are protesting by not shopping at the Wallace store, which is owned by white people. Instead they are going to Vicksburg to shop, which is farther. Their mom just got fired from her teaching job because she is teaching things she’s not supposed to teach the kids. Somebody told on her but we haven’t found out yet who it is. It’s a good book. We’re supposed to finish by Tuesday. It’s the first book that we’ve read because it’s one of the longest ones in book club. The other members of my group are Lena, David, and Philip.

We’re a little bit over half-way through Bud, Not Buddy. Ms. Z reads it aloud to us, a little every day. It’s about a black kid who is living with the Amos family. They have a son named Todd who is twelve who punched Bud. Todd closed his eyes and pretended that he passed out. But Bud is the one who got in trouble and he had to live in a shed with hornets and bats. There was a boy who lived in the shed before him who disappeared. That boy got bitten by spiders and started bleeding. Bud escapes through the window and gets revenge on Todd by pouring water on him so it looks like he peed his pants. Bud goes to the library and finds out that an adult friend of his moved to Chicago. Bud sleeps under a Christmas tree to keep warm. Bud travels to a town called Hooverville and kisses his first girl.

We really like the book. Right now we’re going to find out if the guy who has a picture on Bud’s poster is really his dad. We’re making predictions about what is going to happen next in the book.


Ms. Zapata's 4th & 5th grade class


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