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Ms. Zapata’s 4/5 Class, 4/26/13

Above: Photosynthesis: The roots of a tree draw the water into the tree and goes up the xylem. And then it goes up into the leaves. The leaves help make the sugar. They need sunlight. The water mixes with something and makes the sugar. The sugar passes back down the tree by the phloem. The other important part of photosynthesis is that it gives us oxygen to breathe. 

Today’s reporters are Julienne and Natalie.

This week we had STAR testing. We’re doing tests about English Language Arts and Mathematics. Fifth graders next week are going to do the Science tests. We had them every morning this week starting on Tuesday. The STAR tests were okay. Some parts were easy and some parts were hard.

We’re doing with art with Max (through the Artist in Residence program). We’re doing Pop Art. Right now we’re coloring them in.

We had a leaf and then we put clear nail polish on it. And then we had tape and put it on top of the nail polish. We pulled it up and the tape had the leaf’s patterns on it. We looked at it under the microscope. The leaves had little mouths! That was the stomata. The stomata take in the carbon dioxide and put out the oxygen.




We’re trying to not ride in cars so much because the cars pollute the air. We’re going to go on a trip to Golden Gate Park with Trips for Kids on May 10th. Some people are going to ride bikes and some people are going to hike.

We wrote some poetry about our lives, our strengths, and our dreams. It’s hanging outside on the bulletin board in the hallway. It wasn’t rhyming poetry! It was good because people could write about what they felt. We watercolored the backgrounds.


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