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Ms. Zapata’s 4/5 Class, 5/3/13

Above: Raimon’s Pop Art painting.

Today’s reporters are Philip and Raimon.

Greenhouse effect experiment: On our experiment we were trying to see how high and how low the temperature would go. We made a foil cover for a glass jar and brought the jars out into the sun. We wanted to see how it would change. The two-minute one the temperature was low and the ten-minute experiment the temperature was high. The longer you leave the jar in the sun with the foil cover, the more the air heats up.


On another experiment we tested to see if you put papers in the jars, does it attract heat? The closed jar with the black paper inside ended with the highest temperature inside. It was 144 degrees Farenheit. The closed jar with white paper was 120 degrees Farenheit. The closed jar with no paper inside ended at 104 degrees and the coolest one was the open air jar, it started at 74 degrees and ended at 74 degrees.



Last week we saw the Best Me play. It was about four kids who try to improve themselves. One plays too much electronics, one is addicted to soda and chips, one is an unhealthy eater, and the last one wants to play outside but lives in a dangerous neighborhood so has to stay inside. They all get advice from various people in floppy costumes. There was Captain Soda, Juice Girl, Hydro Girl, and TLC (Tomato Lettuce and Carrots).

Raimon: My favorite part was when Captain Soda had a giant bottle of soda that was pulling the kid around. Then Juice Girl and Hydro Girl pulled him away from Captain Soda.

Philip: The guy who was addicted to video games was playing Sono-Extreme Skater and Sono bursts out of the video screen and yells “Exercise more! Don’t give me up, but exercise more!”

Philip: We do art every Friday afternoon with Max (through the Artist in Residence program). Our subject is Pop Art. We’re studying Andy Warhol and so Max told us that we would drawings of Pop Art indicators like he did. I chose the Mario Bros. Here’s the tracing:



And here’s the finished painting. They have no brains! That’s why you’re able to control them with a joystick!




And that’s the view this week from Room 305!


Ms. Zapata's 4th & 5th grade class


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