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Bike Day at SFC! plus Bike Field Trip!

Last Saturday, May 4th, the 4/5 classes had a Bike Day down on the big yard at school. Our purpose was to prepare for the upcoming field trips to Golden Gate Park. On Thursday May 9th Ms. Sweeney’s class is going, and on Friday May 10th Ms. Zapata’s class is going. We’re going to split into groups: before lunch, one group will go hiking and the other biking; after lunch, we’ll switch.

On Bike Day there were several people to help us tune up our bikes and learn how to ride. Some of us have been biking a long time; others know how but needed more practice, and some of us were just learning. It was a beautiful sunny day and we sure got sweaty under the bike helmets! A good time was had by all and as a surprise, we had some pizza at the end. Onward to Golden Gate Park!





Update: Here are some pictures from Ms. Z’s class field trip to Golden Gate Park!

photo(1) photo(2) photo


Ms. Zapata's 4th & 5th grade class


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