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Ms. Zapata’s 4/5 Class, 5/17/13

Today’s reporters are David and Franco.

Our science project is about pollution. We did pollution card collectors. Franco: Me and my partner decided to put it by cars. We used cards and covered them with petroleum jelly. We stapled them to a tree outside the front gate to collect pollution from the cars coming by. We left it there for 3 days.


David: We put ours in the cafeteria kitchen. We put it next to the stove, the microwave, and the refrigerator. Everyone else who put collectors in the kitchen, theirs were plain. They didn’t catch anything.


Some people put them up on the windows, near the air vents, near the lockers, and outside. The pollution card collectors are going to be part of our Project Open House presentations.

This morning’s AIM concert was really nice. They came from Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela. They played Latin music using boxes that you can sit on and drum(cajones). There was also one guitar. They were teaching us about the four elements of music: the composer, the conductor, the musicians, and the audience. Raimon and Ms. Sweeney got to go on stage and try the instruments.



Franco: In 4th grade math we’re learning about percentages. David: In 5th grade math we’re doing a project for math. It’s about multiplying units of measurements. Like the length of a football field, say it’s 655 feet by 295 yards. Then we need to multiply these two numbers. We’re comparing the sizes of the playing fields for different sports, like wrestling, soccer, ice hockey, football, etc. We’re also doing double-digit divisors and division of areas.

Last week’s field trip was SOO FUN! We started off at the beach and they gave us our bikes. We had a little practice where we went around in a circle to see what order they would put us in. There was a fast group and a slower chill group. First we went up near a construction site, then we went into Golden Gate Park. We had stop a lot of times because there would be accidents, like someone would fall, or someone would get lost. Once near the soccer field we stopped because we thought Ms. Zapata and like 7 kids were behind us but they weren’t, they got lost. So we rode a lap around the soccer field and it was soooo long.

Finally the other group caught up with us. After that we continued and started to go downhill, there were lots of turns and stuff. So we switched gears and used our brakes. We had some accidents, like people hitting into each other, but no one got seriously hurt. We started to go flat but it was sort of lopsided. We went near a dog park and the sprinklers were on so the ground was muddy. There were some big puddles but we had to go through that path because it was the shortest way to go. We got really dirty, like we hadn’t showered in a really long time and had been rolling around in the mud like piggies. The worst part was that when we got to the end it was a dead end! We had turned the wrong way so we had to turn around and go back through the puddles and the mud.

Then we got back on the right path. It was kind of hard because there were curves and sand. Every time someone rides through the sand it was really hard because it’s all bumpy. We got back to the beach and had lunch. We got ourselves clean but not really clean. We did a circle to celebrate each other and stuff. It was the best field trip of the year.


Ms. Zapata's 4th & 5th grade class


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