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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 Class, 5/17/13

Above: Margot’s pasta & bean picture. “I started making a face and then it turned into something else.”

Today during choice time we built several large magna tile towers. A couple of them tumbled down, but here’s one before it fell. Remember the safety rule is, don’t build it above your head!


We also continued making pictures with dried pasta and beans. Guess who made this (look for the name):


It’s Chloe’s! She also put in the name of her friend, Sandy, near the top.

This one is Iisis’, she also put her name in:


Here’s Sandy’s masterpiece:


Francisco planned his face out very carefully. That pasta guy needs to brush his teeth, they’re green!


After closing circle, we went to the library. Teacher Tawnya read us Curious George Visits the Library, which is a great book about what NOT to do in a library. Teacher Tawnya was proud that we could tell her everything that George did that was not OK in a library, and what he could do that was right. This week was our last week to check out books, and we won’t be in the library again this year. So Tawnya gave us all goodbye hugs on our way out the door.

Have a great weekend everyone! Only two more weeks of school!


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