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Teacher Nathalie’s Kindergarten Class

It is a big transition for a child’s life…. Kindergarten! There were several ups and downs over the last month but in teacher Nathalie’s Kindergarten class, the kids are learning a lot already. They have been focusing on getting to know the rules of the classroom and their new school. They are learning where to put their stuff, how to use a hall pass to go to the bathroom or get a drink of water as well as getting to know their class mates.  Add that to all the other teachers and kids on the yard and it can all be overwhelming for little ones in a new (big) environment. However, the kids of teacher Nathalie’s are already succeeding, growing and having fun doing it!

One of the biggest lessons they will learn this year is to read! Developing a love for books early will help our kids succeed in every way. Every day our kids have Reading Workshop where they will be learning new “sight” words and reading books. Parent volunteers have also been helping teacher Nathalie organize the “library” area in her room so the kids can choose their books by subject or interest.  Her class will also be using Scholastic Reading Club to add to the room library.  When you buy books for your kids, you will automatically be collecting points to acquire new books for our class. Go to www.scholastic.com/readingclub Activation code: MHT94 and register your child today!

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Another big event the kids were able to experience this month is the new London Street Mural. They met Josh Talbott the artist and watched him work. Many of them were inspired by his amazing art work. One child said, “I watched him thinking maybe I want to be an artist when I grow up.” Can’t ask for more than that!







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