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Teacher Nathalie Kindergarten Sept, 2013

A lot has happened over the last few weeks.Teacher Nathalie is so great at capturing the moment and sharing a little insight with us.  Here are some highlights…

The pictures with 2 students sitting next to each other are from the first time we tried partner reading during Reading Workshop last week. Independent reading with book bin labels visible is the first time they used the then newly-labeled book bins. I told them that some parents along with Skylar and Kaitlin (our teacher helpers from 7th and 8th grade) had helped organize the library to make it easier for our class to find books. I went through the different categories.

Shanai is doing one of the posed from a yoga book on the rug. Jack was very excited about the pirates/superhero’s book bin. Amailee was very excited about the animal characters book bin.

We have been working on number sense and sorting in math. First, we sorted magnets on the board together (don’t have a picture of that) and then I passed out coins to every student. They used their math journals and real coins and fake coins to sort/create groups. Some of the groups created were: real coins and fake coins, big coins and small coins, brown coins and silver coins, cold coins (real) and warm coins (fake coins).

Mollia’s mom made a drum out of a balloon, soup can, dried rice and beans (inside), construction paper and ribbon for each student. Each student picked out their own drum. Mollia’s mom brought in lots of stickers. Each student decorated their drum with stickers and markers. After decorating, we went outside to use them. Mollia’s mom brought in 2 stories and read them to students. Students drummed along to the story. One story was “Hands, Hands, Fingers, Thumbs” by Dr. Seuss and the other was “Mortimer” by Robert Munsch.

Every Wednesday Alli (Manuel’s mom) comes into our class from 2:20-2:45 (on her break from teaching other classes! We are so grateful she does that) and teaches the kids dance. She teaches them different ways to move. One week, she read a water story and had them move like water. Another week, she showed them a flower story and had them move like different flowers.

Rene’s parents came in to celebrate his birthday. We sang happy birthday to Rene. His parents created the healthy birthday snacks (Juice box robots with raisin box feet) with Rene. The class sat on the rug and ate some of the birthday snack together.

playing with play-doh/puppets/computers/Lego/markers/stencils… These are all different activities that students can choose during choice time. Choice time happens at the end of the day on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Jaden loves Angry Birds and created some angry birds characters out of play-doh.


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