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Teacher Nathalie’s K – Oct 10, 2013

Yesterday I was able to visit Teacher Nathalie’s class.  I was there in the morning as all the kids walked in their line single file into room 104.  Teacher Nathalie greeted each child at the door.  Once inside the kids seems to know just what to do.  Without being reminded, they all took out their lunch boxes and put them on top of the blue cubbies.  They then took our their red folders and put them in the box. They immediately went to their tables and began working on their worksheets for that morning while soothing classical music played.  This is their daily routine every morning and I was pleasantly surprised to see they handled it so well. It was a great start to the day.

They then have their morning circle/meeting.  They do this to get to know their classmates better and build community.  Every day Teacher Nathalie asks what question should we ask today?  The kids come up with the question and today it was “what is your favorite character (TV/movie/book)?”  There were many answers long and short.  As teacher Nathalie tried to keep them on track all were able to finally share.

Then began their reading workshop. Some took their favorite books from the room library and others worked in small groups. Each child now knows their “level” and are working hard to learn more each day. It was amazing to me how quickly the morning went!  Soon it was recess. They all got back in their line and walked out to the playground.

After recess, we all then went back to class where I was able to read two books that I brought in and shared with the class.  One book was a recommendation from our Scholastic book club, Clark the Shark.  The other book was All For One.  We talked about “who are the characters in this book?”  and “did their character change his feelings from the beginning of the book to the end?”.  The kids were very engaged and had some great responses.  All For One has a great theme of “treat others as you would like to be treated.”  One of the kids pointed out that they hear that a lot in class from Teacher Nathalie as well as other teachers (good to know!).

Next it was time for their writing workshop.  This was really great to see.  The day before the kids all drew stories and wrote them down.  This is where they draw a picture with as much detail as possible then write what the picture is about. Today they took those stories and were now going to create a “cover” for their book.  They were instructed to write a title for their book, a picture for the front cover and then write down who wrote the book and then who illustrated the book (in this case both were the child).  What is so fascinating about this process to me is how the kids write down what is happening yet a good portion don’t really “know” how to write just yet.  They are having to think about the letters and sounds they need to write the words they want to use to tell their story.  It seems to really allow the child to free flow in their writing and use some critical thinking to figure out how they write and convey a story.

The half day I was there felt like a whirlwind.  It seemed to fly by.  I’m not sure that’s how the kids see it but I sure did.  I can’t wait to go back and help another day!

I know a lot of these pics are a bit blurry… hope you get the idea!



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