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What’s Happening in 5/6, week of 10/14/13

This is the first blog for the 5/6 classes this year. Look for a rotating group of reporters, filling you in on what the 5/6 classes are doing.

This week’s reporters are Erika and Samantha.

This week we’re learning all about fractions. We’re multiplying, dividing, and simplifying fractions.


In science, we’re learning about rocks. What’s the rock cycle, how rocks are formed, what they’re made out of, and what volcanoes have to do with it!

The rock cycle is how rocks are formed by other rocks, because there’s not just one rock in the world. Each kind of rock has a kind of matter that forms the rock. For instance, sediment forms sedimentary rocks. Volcanoes melt and form metamorphic rocks.


This week in humanities we’re reading Ulysses [a translation of the Greek epic poem The Odyssey, in modern language -Ed.]. Ulysses is the leader, the captain. He goes back and forth between nice and bad. He’s a coward, he’s strong, he’s clever. He went into a Cyclops cave because they were hungry and saw goats roasting. But the Cyclops liked human flesh! Ulysses gave the Cyclops a box of wine to make him sleepy. Ulysses told him a whole story about how the wine would make them taste better. The Cyclops drank the wine and said “I’ll save you for last because you were nice to give me the wine.” We stopped reading there, it’s a cliffhanger!

We’ve been talking about whether Ulysses is a good leader or a bad leader. Samantha: I think he’s kind of a good leader. Because he’s trying to save time for the other guys not to get eaten by the Cyclops. Erika: I think he’s a good leader because he saved his troops from sleeping all day and night. There were these lotus flowers that make you sleep. If you pick them and smell them, it makes you sleepy. Then you wake up, and you want to eat them, and then it makes you sleepy again. Ulysses smelled the flower first and got very sleepy. Then with all of his strength he pulled his men back onto their ships.


We just finished our narratives and now we’re writing our research papers about Ancient Greece. We can write about any topic. Erika: I’m writing about goddesses. My favorite goddess is Athena because in the series I’m reading, they talk about the gods and goddesses a lot. Samantha: I’m writing about how the Trojan War started. Paris came and took Helen of Troy because he was promised the most beautiful woman in the world.


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