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Heat and Ulysses, 5/6 classes 10/25/13

Today’s reporters are John and Lena.

On Wednesday we watched a video of Bill Nye the Science Guy. He was teaching us about heat. He explained the difference between radiation, convection, and conduction. They all have to do with heat.

We went on a field trip to the Excelsior Science Workshop. Group A went on Thursday and Group B went today (Friday).  We learned more about heat. Sol showed us a trick that makes fire come out of a mortar and pestle. He ground two powders together and then smoke started coming out after a minute. And then fire started!

After the experiments, we went back to school. Excelsior Science Workshop is really cool and close by the school, behind the Wells Fargo. We went to lunch.

Previously on Ulysses, Ulysses had tricked the Cyclops Polyphemus into drinking wine. The Cyclops fell asleep then Ulysses put his sword into the fire and stabbed the Cyclops in the eye, blinding him. Polyphemus cried for the other Cyclops to come, then they asked him “Who has done this to you?” He yelled out “Nobody!” because Ulysses had told him his name was Nobody. Then Polyphemus told the gods to punish Ulysses.

Ulysses and his crew were sailing back home and they saw a gate. The waves and the wind were pushing them in and then the gate closed after them. Then they were at an island. It was the island of Aeolus (the god of wind). There they met Aeolus and Ulysses told him his story about his adventures. Aeolus liked the stories and he granted Ulysses one wish. Ulysses’ wish was to go home. Aeolus said he would send the West Wind to guard them and help them back home. Aeolus also gave them a bag full of winds, tied with a rope. He told them to only use it to escape treacherous monsters. Only in case of emergencies! Ulysses is the only one who can touch it.

They left the island and were headed back home. Ulysses guarded the bag for nine nights and nine days without sleeping. On the ninth day, he saw the chimneys of his home, with smoke coming out. He finally closed his eyes. Then Poseidon popped out of the ocean and used his trident to clink against the ship to make a sound like coins clinking. One of the crew thought that there were gold coins in the bag. Then the crew took the bag but couldn’t untie it, so they slashed it open with a sword.

Then a gust of wind started blowing and the crew member who cut the bag was flying in the air. The winds were chasing each other around the ship, finally free. The winds pushed them away from home when they were so close, only an hour away. Then Aeolus called the winds back. Ulysses went back to Aeolus and he said that he was betrayed. He asked for the West Wind to guard him again, but Aeolus said no. Aeolus said that it wasn’t bad luck, it was the hatred of Ulysses.



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