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5/6 classes, 11/1/13

Today’s reporters are Iasiah and Wilson.

In math we are working on fractions- converting from mixed fractions (like 7 1/2) to improper fractions (15/2) and back. We’re sort of in the middle of fractions. In science we are learning about heat and pressure. Heat and pressure are important for the rock cycle. We just finished a test about the rock cycle. We got our report cards this week.

In PE we’re doing baseball. We have about 20 kids in PE class and we play as four teams: One team in the infield, one team in the outfield, one team batting and one team on the bench, and then we switch. We’ve been learning how to step on the base- like when you’re running fast, it’s important to tag each base so you don’t miss it.

For Humanities we are reading Ulysses. He’s on an island, but he wants to go home. If he stays on the island, he can live forever. But if he goes home, he has to go to Tartarus, the deepest part of the Underworld, first, before he can go home. It’s the island of Circe. Circe changes his crewmates into pigs. Ulysses makes Circe the sorceress swear an oath to not harm him or his shipmates, so she turns them back into men. But then he looks into her eyes and he’s enchanted. He stays there for like a week.

Ulysses is an okay leader but sometimes he acts really ignorant. He listened to a crewmate who told him to attack a city, and then they lost eighteen men. When they were just an hour from home, he fell asleep and then one of his crew opened the bag of winds. Why didn’t he just stay awake another hour?

We watched a movie of Ulysses, The Odyssey, to compare and contrast. We didn’t see the whole movie, just some clips. But the graphics were bad! It was like from the 90s. We liked the book better. There weren’t any cheesy graphics and in the movie they got some stuff wrong.


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