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Girls’ Eye View, 5/6 classes, 11/8/13

Above: Researching on WorldBookOnline.com

Today’s reporters are Assata and Diana.

On Tuesday librarian Tawnya came into our class with the Chromebook cart. We used them to go to WorldBookOnline.com to research a non-fiction topic. Assata: I researched Marie Antoinette. Diana: I searched El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and Nicarauga.

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In Humanities we’ve been writing a non-fiction narrative about one thing from Ancient Greece. Diana: I’m writing about the temple of Apollo and the Oracle of Delphi. One interesting thing that I found out is that the temple of Apollo is big. It’s like bigger than our school. People live at the temples. I thought the temples would be small. Another thing that I found out that people went to the temple of Apollo to receive messages from the Oracle. Assata: I wrote about Artemis, Aphrodite, and Athena. I learned that Aphrodite didn’t actually have parents and wasn’t born from Zeus like the other gods were. She rose from foam out of the sea. My favorite of the three goddesses is Aphrodite because she is the goddess of love and it says in one of the books that love is always around her. Sometimes even jealousy. We’re finishing up the narratives now.

In math we’re learning about how to convert fractions into mixed fractions and back again, and how to convert fractions into decimals and back again. Today we took a test about fractions and how to convert them. Diana: I thought the test was pretty easy, I think I’ve sort of mastered fractions. In science we’re learning about light and how our brains see the colors in light. There are three main colors in light: red, blue, and green. When you see a color on something, that means that the object is reflecting that color of the light. So if a chair is green, then the chair is reflecting all the green light and absorbing all the other colors.

Today in PE we were doing pushups with our backpacks on. It was knee pushups though. Usually we do 20 knee pushups without our backpacks every time we transition to a different activity. Today since we had the backpacks on, we did 5. Assata: I thought it was about the same, but I don’t have much in my backpack. Diana: I thought it was harder, but I have a lot in my backpack!

In Ulysses, Ulysses was sleeping and he told his men not to get the cattle because it was the Sun God’s cattle. While Ulysses was sleeping, there was one person named Eurylochus and he said, “We’re going to die of starvation, so if we’re going to die, let’s die with full stomachs.” So he went out to get the cattle. They sent an offering to the gods from the bones of the cattle. Since they didn’t have wine to pour on it, they used water. Ulysses woke up and smelled the meat, he asked the gods not to get angry. Ulysses went over to Eurylochus and drew his sword. Eurylochus said “Wait, it’s stags from the other side of the island, it’s not the Sun God’s cattle!” But Ulysses knew he was lying so he drew his sword again. Then Eurylochus said, “The gods aren’t angry, because it’s not a South Wind anymore, it’s a North Wind to take us home.” Then they got on the ship and when they got on, all of a sudden Zeus and all of the other gods used their powers. Zeus threw a lightning bolt and the ship was on fire. Poseidon stirred up the sea because he’s god of the sea. And that’s where we stopped. Cliffhanger!



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