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Halloween for Teacher Nathalie’s Kinder

All the ghouls, skeletons, princesses, pirates, cowgirls, superheroes and more were on parade at SFC on Thursday, October 31, 2013.  The onlookers lined the halls as they admired the kids in all their glory.  Shortly after the start of the day the kids marched proudly showing off their favorite costumes.  It was such an exciting way to start the day at school!

After the class made it’s way back to room 104… the kids did a couple work sheets as the parents that were able to attend came in to watch.  The kids also got to watch a short Halloween video and then a Halloween story was read by teacher Nathalie.

After the story some of the parents helped the kids make a healthy snack.  Spiders, ghosts and pumpkins were eaten…  All in all a fun way to celebrate their first Halloween at SFC!


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