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5/6 class, Group A, 11/15/13

Today’s reporters are Janelle and Martin.

This week in math we learned about multiplying decimals. Some of us think it’s hard and others think it’s medium. We’re also adding and subtracting decimals. Today we’re learning dividing decimals.

In Science we’re learning about the death penalty. We’re talking about whether the death penalty is something we should still have. Yesterday in science we were learning how scientists determine what evidence could be used in court. We had a pretend case where someone keeps drawing on a coffee filter and we try to find out who did it. We took each of the pens and drew on a coffee filter, then dipped it in water. Then we tried to match it to the original mark.

In Humanities we’re learning about Ancient Greece. We just finished our narratives. Janelle: I wrote about Herucles and how he lived his married life. Nessus tried to kidnap Hercules’ wife and Hercules stopped him and then killed Nessus. Martin: My narrative was about Hades and the Underworld. The Underworld is where people go after they die. There’s the torture side and the heaven side, where you have fun.

We finished Ulysses today. Janelle: I liked it, it had a lot of action in it. My favorite part was when they hid inside the horse. Martin: I didn’t really like it, I thought it was boring. But my favorite part was when Ulysses tricked and stabbed the Cyclops.

Sixth graders have PE every day. Today we got free choice during PE. Some of the choices are four square, volleyball, basketball, soccer, talking, and floor hockey. They’re all inside the gym.


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