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Garden Workday, 11/23/13

Above: Teacher Ingrid works with Naomi to spread peanut butter on a pinecone.

We had gorgeous weather today for our November Garden Workday- sunny, a little breezy, incredibly warm for the end of November!

We thinned out some of our vegetable beds- the carrots and mustard are growing well but need more space to grow bigger. Unfortunately the bok choy was a little too tasty and some critters have nibbled most of the leaves away, so we took the bok choy out of the raised beds and added them to the compost. Nasturtiums are also doing well in the raised beds, but they’ll quickly take over a small space, so we’re going to transplant them elsewhere.

Small helpers helped with raking up straw, using the trash-pickers to clean up the yard, making a new garden sign, and making bird feeders. Here’s how we made bird feeders out of pinecones:

First, we took a pinecone and covered it with peanut butter. Naomi’s mom, Christy, is holding a pinecone while Naomi’s younger sister Rosalie slathers on the peanut butter.


Next, we poured birdseed over the pinecone. Since the peanut butter is so sticky, the seeds stick to the pinecone.

Then, we hung the pinecones up in a pear tree. The pinecone bird feeders serve two purposes here: They feed the birds, and they also help to weigh down the pear tree’s branches. Since the branches are growing straight up, a gentle pull from the weight of the pinecones will help the branches to grow more spread out. It’s better for the tree and will help us to pick pears when it fruits!

An important last step: hold out the peanut butter stick for Ingrid’s dog, Nube, to lick off the peanut butter!

We also made a trellis for the peas, sawed wood to make a fence for the garden outside the Boys & Girls Club, and did a little rescue work on a tree that desperately needed pruning.

Garden Workdays are a fun, relaxed time to be out in the garden. We have tasks for people of all sizes and skill sets, and we can enjoy nature, enjoy each others’ company, get some exercise, and sometimes learn new skills- all while helping keep our school garden and grounds in good shape! We try to hold one once a month, although we’ll be skipping December. Look for a notice in January, and contact Teacher Ingrid if you have questions. See you in the garden!


Parent of an SFC 6th grader and an SFC '17 grad


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