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Teacher Nathalie’s Kinder – November 2013

This past month flew by. As always there were a few highlights we can share.

Our kids are continuing to work hard on the basics of math, word work, and reading workshop.  One of the kids’ favorite things to do is share their work with the class.  Sometimes the kids share their stories they created during writing workshop.  Sometimes they bring stuff from home that they have worked on.  It is a proud moment to share their work, but especially when you get to sit on “The Share Chair.”

Since October the kids have been busy learning about the human body systems for their fall projects which they will present December 19th at 6pm in Room 104. They are not only learning the basics of the human body but they are also getting more comfortable talking about them and are able to recognize them on their own body diagrams.

As part of their Halloween art project students used various types of pasta to make their own skeletal systems.

For their digestive system project the kids used different colored yarn, straw, and a bean to represent different parts of the digestive system.

Francis (Isaiah’s dad) was able to come in one day and help do a few new activities. During the day, he read the kids a non-fiction story. The kids are learning a lot about the differences between fiction and non-fiction.

He also helped assist kids with their cereal pattern bracelets. As part of their math class the kids are learning how to create a pattern with numbers or colors or just about anything!

Francis also gave the kids a lesson in PE. He taught them how to pass overhand, underhand, and side to side. The kids practiced it, then had a competition against each other. Kaitlin (SFC 8th grader) and Skylar (SFC 7th grader) who are both aids to Ms. Nathalie, helped the entire lesson. PE lesson happened at the end of the day.

Ingrid the wonderful SFC garden teacher came to teach the students about composting/recycling. They also went outside and made orange juice by squeezing their own oranges into a cup. They really enjoyed drinking the orange juice afterwards.

Alli (Manuel’s mom) comes in to teach the kids movement and dance.  This day she brought into the Kinder class her second grade students who came in to perform a dance they learned from Alli. First, the kindergartener were the audience for the second graders. Then, the second graders each chose a kindergarten student to teach them the dance they had just performed. At the end, they all performed the dance together. This was so exciting and fun and is a good example of how SFC is a community.  It allows a space where older kids and younger kids are brought together to bond and help each other.  Really invaluable lessons.

Phew!  That was exciting!





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