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The week in 5/6 Group B

Above: Wilson’s drawing of Ulysses’ ship

Today’s reporters are Dakarai and Franco.

Dakarai: Today in PE we had to do 150 pushups because the other group did 100 with their backpacks on, so we had to even it out. And then we had to run upstairs in one and a half minutes and everybody was tired so it took a while for people to come upstairs. And now my arms are all flimsy and tired. Franco: We practiced our goals. Mine are no swearing, no talking, spiral with a football with the right hand. Other people have goals like layups, badminton, soccer, basketball, and things like that. Dakarai: My goals are soccer passing with right foot making it into the goal, and soccer juggling. Other non-sports goals are being organized and handing in your work or finishing your work.

We’re in the middle of a mock trial. We’re practicing our speeches right now. It’s about if Ulysses is innocent or guilty of manslaughter. Did he kill his men on purpose? Ulysses’ men stole the cattle of the Sun God. The Sun God asked Zeus to punish Ulysses and his men died because of it- Poseidon killed most of them. We’re debating whether Ulysses is guilty. We started with writing persuasive arguments about Ulysses’ innocence. We’re going to perform the mock trial at Project Open House.

For Math and Science for Project Open House, we’re studying the death penalty. We’re in groups and making posters about the people divided by race, income, gender, states, etc. This ties into Math because we study the percentages and rates. We’re making graphs about them. Like in 1971 there was only 1 person executed under the death penalty, but in 1999 was the highest, 99 people executed. Then it started going down and then up again. 2008 was the lowest. California still has the death penalty. There are only two states that don’t have it.

We’ve got a lot of family at school. Sometimes it seems like the whole school is related! Dakarai: I have a younger brother in Kindergarten and one in third grade, and my sister is coming next year. Franco: I have three cousins and one brother in school. There are lots of other families here too.

Sometimes on Friday we have special resource classes, like for pronunciation for reading out loud. It’s to help you read faster and more fluently. Fridays in afterschool we get a lot of free choice too.

We had an assignment to analyze Ulysses’ ship.


Tolya’s drawing of Ulysses’ ship:


Theo’s drawing:P1010901



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