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5/6 classes, week of 12/16-12/20/13

Above: 6th graders out on Monday’s field trip

Today’s reporters are Kayla, David, and Marvin.

On Monday we went on a field trip to see “A Nightmare on Puberty Street”. [Only the 6th graders went -Ed.] It was pretty funny, a cool play. It was about four people and they each had their own stories. The girl asked her parents a lot of questions about what she was going through and they didn’t answer her. She started smoking and doing drugs and getting in trouble. A boy was going through puberty and his friend was making fun of him because he had already been through it.

One of the girls wanted to commit suicide because she felt so alone. They gave us a hotline number to call if we felt too lonely. The second girl, Natalie, liked the dork, Jerry and people were making fun of her. That’s just what everyone called him, Jerry the Dork. Natalie was called “the school slut”. The play talked about bullying and how you should put yourself in other people’s shoes and picture what could happen if things get out of control. The two main messages of the play were, “You’re never alone” and “What you’re going through is normal.”

Tolya and Wilson working on props for our mock trial of Ulysses:photo 1

Working on our speeches for the mock trial:photo 3

Open House was a lot of fun. It was a really packed room. Kayla: I was really happy because we all worked really hard together to work on the play. It felt really successful that we finished it and we all came together. You didn’t see Martin or Tolya in the play because they were doing the camera. [The mock trial was filmed and we showed the video at Open House -Ed.]

Kayla and Marvin were on the defense. David was the prosecution. The defense “won” because the jury decided he was innocent. David: I got so mad because I felt like I did all that work for nothing! The defense was really excited when Ulysses was declared innocent.

Posters showing our work on the death penalty project:P1010964


At Open House we collected votes from the audience about whether the death penalty should be abolished. Here are the results:

31 put “Yes, abolish the death penalty”

8 were “No, don’t abolish the death penalty.”

3 were undecided swing votes.

We don’t yet know what we’re doing after break- Susie and Molly are working out the details. We’re all really excited to go on break!

 Here are some other pictures of what we did this week:

Checking out books at the Scholastic Book Fair: photo 1(2)

photo 3(1)

photo 5(1)

Lena is named Playworks Junior Coach of the Month! photo 5


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