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5/6 Group B, week of 1/6/14

Above: A solar oven in action!

Today’s reporters are Jemica and Sam.

This week we started reading The Hunger Games. A lot of people in class have read it before and others have seen the movie. We got as far as where Katniss volunteers to be the tribute for District 12. Jemica: It’s good. I like that she cares about Prim so much that she would risk her life for hers. Prim is her sister. Sam: I think that it’s cool because it’s kind of showing that there’s people that are not as strong (powerful) as other people but if they stand together they can beat the oppressors.

We started making drafts of a persuasive argument. The topic is things that you feel strongly about: things you love, or hate, or that bug you. Jemica: I’m writing about water parks. I love them. Sam: I’m writing about sickness. It bugs me. I was thinking about it because my whole family was sick over the holidays.

In science we’re making solar ovens. We just finished them. A solar oven is made of a pizza box, tin foil, Saran wrap, cloth, black construction paper, and napkins. The sun shines down on a flap that has foil on it. The sunlight reflects off the flap and creates heat inside the oven, then the black paper absorbs the heat. It’s a passive oven, and the black paper absorbs the heat and warms up the oven. We’re making small s’mores (graham crackers with melted marshmalllows and chocolate). It takes 15-30 minutes to make a s’more. You can make like 4 s’mores at a time. Now that we’ve finished the ovens, we’re going to make the s’mores next week.

For math we’ve been doing a lot of tests. We’re doing the CLA (Common Learning Assessment) tests for the state. The tests are pretty easy. We’ve been learning about the properties: Distributive, associative, and commutative. In some math problems we’ve been using PEMDAS to help us. PEMDAS is the order of operations: Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction. You can remember it by saying Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally. We tried to make up other ways of remembering it, like Pink Elephants Make Doors And Shoes.


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