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5/6 Group A, week of 1/13/14

Today’s reporters are Natalie and Theo.

In Humanities we’re continuing The Hunger Games. We just got past the part where Katniss volunteers to be a tribute. Teacher Molly is giving us strategies for post-its to interpret the meaning of the book for life-lessons. For example, what is the book trying to teach you? Some books have hidden in them lessons like “Don’t give up”. We’re also doing drafts for persuasive papers. Everyone chooses their own topic. Natalie: I’m doing “Friends are important.” I wrote that friends are always there for you and they have your back. Theo: I’m doing “Kids should be allowed to drive.” I found a website that says that kids should be allowed to drive at age 13. 64% of the people who voted on the website said that 13 year olds should be allowed to drive. Some of the people on the website are like farmers whose kids help them on the farm, so they need to drive. And the other people are kids who just want to drive.

In Math we’re studying proportions. We finished the CLAs (standardized tests) last week. Theo: I thought they were boring. Natalie: I got a little nervous.

In science we’re learning about puberty, which is body science. It’s kind of embarrassing and disturbing. It’s disturbing because it makes us a little uncomfortable. At the beginning we had a quiz to see what we knew and we had to put true or false, and there were some uncomfortable questions.

ALD is Academic Language Development. We have it for 30 minutes every day except Tuesday and Friday. In ALD we are debating the pros and cons of chocolate milk in school lunches. Most people think that chocolate milk is a con, not good.

In PE today we did a pacer test. We had to run 80 laps back and forth across the gym. But you could take breaks. We had a one-minute walking time. It took us maybe 20 or 25 minutes to finish all 80 laps. The 8th graders had to run 100 laps and we’re 20% younger, so we did 80 laps. Yesterday we played one-hand touch football.


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