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5/6 Group B, Week of 1/20/14

Today’s reporters are Philip and Tyree.

We have just finished a persuasive paper on fracking, or drilling for natural gases. It’s statewide for 5th and/or 6th graders. We’re going to go back to our other persuasive papers that we’re writing. Tyree: I’m writing about football, that it should be in recess every day. Philip: I’m writing that books are good for you, of course!

Right now in class we are reading The Hunger Games. When we left off, Katniss just fell asleep after seeing the red-headed avox girl. Philip: I’ve already read the book and I saw the movie. In my opinion, the book is better because you can hear what Katniss is thinking, which is a major part of the story. Tyree: I’ve seen the movie. I think the book is better because it has more details. It’s still fun to hear the book read out loud even though we know what’s going to happen.

We’re starting a new computer program where we go out and do our math on the new Chromebooks. It’s a group of us who go out and we do problems. If we don’t know how to do it, we take hints or watch a video (the Khan Academy) to learn how to do it. If you take a hint or watch the video it doesn’t count, so you do another problem of the same kind to help you practice.

In library, we’re starting a new typing program. It’s teaching us how to type, like which fingers go on which keys, like the home keys, and how to go fast. In gym we just finished a unit on football. Today we did a spiral challenge. The people who did a perfect spiral got extra credit and got to go to free choice. A perfect spiral is where you throw the football and it spirals. The ball doesn’t wobble or go side to side, it just goes straight and spirals. It goes faster when it spirals.

In math, we just did a unit on graphing, plots like x and y. We have just started learning about puberty. Awkward!

We have garden every other week. The week we don’t go to garden, we go to Playworks. In garden we might be building a hawk house for our resident hawk. Philip: I’m a Playworks junior coach, so I had to back-to-back Playworks meetings. We just learned how to play Castle Dodge Ball. You protect a series of hula hoops that are stacked up to look like a castle. If it gets knocked down, your team has 20 seconds to put it back up. In Medic Dodge Ball, it’s like regular dodge ball but if you get hit, you have to wait until your medic comes to get you. The medic touches you to unfreeze you. If your team’s medic gets knocked out, no one can get up. If both medics get knocked out, it goes just down to skill. Philip: My team has a secret strategy. Tyree: Next time we play, it may be even harder because we could use that strategy too.



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