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Garden Workday, 2/1/14

Above: One of our new plant signs.

Wow! We had an exciting workday last Saturday. A lot of work was done, both inside and outside the school.

Theo swept the gravel and sand from the paved semicircle in front of the school:P1020090A leafblower was used to blow the sand off the surface underneath the K-1 play structure. Too much sand makes the surface slippery to run on:P1020092

Christy weeded out a planting bed next to our front access ramp, and then Naomi and Yvonne helped to embed mosaic tiles and plant new succulents:P1020095


image(1)Here’s their finished succulent bed. The plants are tiny now, but in time a lot of these plants will grow a little bigger and fill out the space:P1020098

We also re-planted the succulent bed by the front door. Last year there was a flourishing succulent garden here, unfortunately the summer construction destroyed most of the plants. So we replanted. Succulents are pretty hardy and should survive even in our drought year!P1020094

Travis built a table out of scrap wood for our outdoor classroom. Great work and it will be super helpful during garden class!P1020096

Meanwhile, the kids at workday had their own project. Each one found a plant in the garden that they liked, and then made a sign to teach what it is. Here’s Rosalie working on her sign:imageP1020093

A finished sign in place:P1020099

We also had some neighborhood volunteers stop by. One couple rebuilt our herb spiral and another offered to help make the fences for our sidewalk gardens. It’s great to get to know our neighbors, we hope we can get more input from the community.

Inside the school, a fantastic group of volunteers from ELAC came to give the first-floor bathrooms a deep-clean. Their work left the bathrooms looking and smelling great.

Garden Workdays will be the first Saturday of every month, from 10am-2pm. See you next time!


Parent of an SFC 6th grader and an SFC '17 grad


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