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5/6 Group A, week of 2/10/14

Today’s reporters are Connie and Caitlyn.

This week we were making cartoon graphs. There’s a picture on the graph and it’s small, and you have to make a big version of it. We’re learning about measurements. We’re learning about how much is one mile, one inch, one kilometer. We’re measuring things in our classroom. We made a guess how long something is, and then measured it to see how close we were.

In science we’re on the puberty unit. Today we’re talking about healthy relationships, for Valentine’s Day. A healthy relationship ABC is Awareness, Balance, and Caring. We also talked about the different kinds of relationships.

In Humanities we are learning about Ancient Egypt. We’re doing a timeline about it. We’ve seen really old pictures and mummies from Egypt. We’re still reading The Hunger Games. We are at the part where Katniss is hiding in the trees and listening to the other tributes talk about their plans. Caitlyn: My favorite part is where Katniss volunteered for Prim, her little sister. I like it because she stood up for her sister and went into the arena instead of her. I think the book is pretty great. Connie: I admire Katniss because she’s nice and caring.

In PE we’re doing Training Goals Reports on Jupiter Grades. Jupiter Grades is an online website that shows us what our grades are and what missing assignments we have to do. We’re starting Zumba. Everyone in the class is supposed to be learning but some people feel awkward dancing. We watch a video with two girls who show us the steps and we follow the steps. It’s kind of hard but they do it step by step.

In Library class we’re doing a typing test. We have to type the letters that show up and see how fast we can type. We’re learning where all the keys are so we can type faster. We did it last week and this week. We’re not going to do it every Library class because then we miss time checking out books. So we’re going to do more typing later on in the year.



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