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K/1 Room 104 – Big Changes!

There are some serious changes happening in the K/1 at SFC.  Room 104’s teacher Nathalie is leaving.  As challenging as this can be for our youngest kids at SFC there has been an amazing out pour of help and support from the SFC Community and specifically the parents of Room 104.

Fortunately, we have a new teacher – Lauren Goss – on the way who will start March 10th.  The administration is really excited about this teacher that has a lot of K/1 experience.  For the next few weeks the kids will have one sub to minimize any stress.  A few of the SFC staff as well as the other K/1 teachers and several parents have volunteered to be in the class to support the kids, the sub and the new teacher during this transition over the next few months.

Some of the parents are helping with activities that will ensure our kids are emotionally supported. One activity the kids did last week was a self portrait.  They were asked the question “I feel calm and ready to learn when…”  Each kid drew a picture of themselves and said a phrase that answered the question.  These phrases were written on the pictures and displayed. (Hard to see but on back wall)  One of the kids answered, ” I feel calm and ready to learn when… I am at my desk drawing.”

Kids self portrait wall

Kids self portrait wall

To give the kids the best environment to learn, the other MAJOR job that the parents and staff came together this past weekend to do was to clean up Room 104.  This was intended to be a “spruce up” but turned into a complete overhaul of the room.  Definitely a bigger job than anyone expected.  There was stuff that had been stored for years in that room and really needed to go.  We decided to clean it all out into the hall then put back into the room only what was necessary and would best serve the kids.

We had a lot of direction and help from the other K/1 teacher Nobie which was priceless! Parents scrubbed walls and floors.  Moved furniture. Painted cubbies…. it seemed endless.  But slowly, we got through it.

A few people came back on Monday to finish up the job and it is so exciting how nice the room looks!!  We all just kept staring at it.  Our kids will be so happy to have more space to breathe, work, play and most importantly learn!

What a great way to kick off spring and a new start.  Room 104 is excited to finish off their Kindergarten year and will be coming back for first grade before we know it!

Thanks to all who helped and are continuing to help through this transition.  What a great community we have at SFC.



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