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5/6 Group B, week of 2/17/14

Today’s reporters are Jaden and Gianni.

We wrote portfolio papers to present at parent/teacher conferences. We wrote about how our year has been going and what we’re responsible for, like a wrap-up of the year so far. And we’ve been writing about the power of the president.

We’ve been learning about Ancient Egypt and today we split up about what is different about the president and the ancient pharaohs. We also wrote about how they’re similar. We also did other comparisons between Ancient Egypt and our society. One way we’re similar is that both cultures were really well known around the world. One way we’re different is that only few people in Ancient Egypt knew how to read and write, but now it’s very common for people to know how to read and write.

We’re ending the Ancient Egypt unit and we’re learning about the Aztecs next week.

We’ve been reading a lot in Humanities. Jaden: I’ve been reading Goosebumps and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. My favorite is the first book because of the game Cheese Touch. Gianni: I’ve been reading a book called Vietnam. It’s historical fiction. I like it because it’s more realistic than some of the other books I’ve read. It has a lot of description.

We’re also still reading The Hunger Games as a class. We just read the part where Katniss almost died of dehydration. Jaden: I like the book because there’s a lot of fighting and action. Gianni: I like the action too. I read all the books before.

In math, we’ve been doing a lot of measurement. We’re reviewing the metric system and we’re also reviewing cross-multiplying. In science we’re studying the Puberty unit. We watched a video yesterday about high school and how people feel about different trends of clothes. It’s about how people have ideas about others because of the clothes they wear. Like how one guy wore a scarf because his neck was cold, and other people thought he was gay.

In PE we’ve been doing a lot of running because Eric wants us to be prepared for the fitness test. Today we had free play because Eric wasn’t here yesterday or today. We play basketball and football, or throw the ball back and forth. Jaden: My favorite free play game is basketball. Usually I’m pretty good at it. Gianni: My favorite is football. I’m a Niners fan.

In Garden we planted our own seeds and we’re going to take care of them for the rest of the semester. Gianni: I planted habanero peppers and golden peppers. We’re going to harvest them so we can have a pizza party from all the fresh food. Jaden: I planted- it looks like an orange but it’s a tomato.


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