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5/6 Group A, week of 3/3/14

Today’s reporters are Russell and Julienne.

In PE we did the pacer test. The pacer test is where you have to run back and forth across the gym. If you miss the other side of the gym two times then you’re done. Your score is the number of laps you ran. We’ve done it once a week in March. Each week you try to get a better score. Julienne: I got a better score this week. Russell: I wasn’t here last week. Last week you were supposed to beat your score from last year.

We’re ending the Aztec unit. Soon we’re going to learn about Ancient China. We’re learning about a lot of ancient civilizations. They weren’t all the same time though. We’re comparing the different civilizations. Yesterday we did a triple Venn diagram of USA, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Aztecs. (A Venn diagram is where you draw circles that overlap to show what groups have in common – Ed.) For example, all three got conquered- the Aztecs were conquered by the Spaniards, the US was conquered by Europeans, and the Egyptians were conquered by the Romans.

We learned about Aztec warriors who fought to the death. The one who won got the honor to be sacrificed. The one who lost had his body kicked down the steps, but the one who won got his body carried down the steps. The fiercest enemy warriors in a war were captured and later sacrificed. The Aztecs believed that the fiercer the warrior, the better the sacrifice for the gods.

In The Hunger Games we’re at the point where Katniss and Rue planning on getting rid of the Careers’ supplies of food. The Careers are the contestants who volunteer for the Hunger Games, they spend their whole lives training for it. Julienne: It’s weird that kids spend their whole lives training for the Hunger Games. It’s like if today we gave kids an M-14 or something. I wouldn’t do that!

For Science we’re learning about space and the solar system. We just started on the Moon and the Sun. We’ve been watching some Bill Nye the Science Guy videos. We just started the unit yesterday. We’re still learning the Puberty unit, but we’re taking a break. A lot of people think that the Puberty unit is either weird or gross. We learn about relationships and boys’ and girls’ bodies and it makes people uncomfortable. The 4/5 classes don’t learn the Puberty unit and when we talked to them about it, they said it was gross. We said “It’s not our fault if your body starts changing and you don’t know about it!”

In Math we’re learning more about decimals and fractions. We’re also studying percentages: changing things into percentages and finding out what the percentages are. We’re doing word problems about percentage, like “25% of what number is 15?” (Answer: 60).


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