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5/6 Group B, Week of 3/10/14

Above: Teacher Susie serves up pie in celebration of Pi Day (3/14). Did you know that it’s not only Pi Day, it’s also Pi Month (3/14, 3rd month of 2014)?

Today’s reporters are Ariana and Jennifer.

This week we dove into Ancient China. We learned about the five bonds, women’s rights, and some important emperors. The five bonds are: emperor-subject, father-son, husband-wife, older sibling-younger sibling, and then friend-friend. The people in Ancient China believed these were the five most important bonds. Today we were talking about women in Ancient China and what they had to do. They were in charge of nurturing the kids, staying at home, cleaning, and caring for the men in their lives. Women were treated as inferiors. If they were poor, their family would sell them to get through the winter. The woman would end up as a prostitute or a slave.

We also learned about the Great Wall of China. Some workers worked until they were exhausted and dehydrated, so they dropped to the ground and were buried under the Great Wall. The Great Wall’s purpose was to keep out attackers who tried to invade the Chinese empire.

We learned about Emperor Qin, he was very strict with all of his people. If you didn’t agree with him, he would be very harsh. One time 460 scholars didn’t agree with him and he had them all executed or buried alive. The scholars wanted the old ways back but he didn’t, he wanted to stay emperor, so he executed them all.

We’re writing paragraphs about Ancient China. First we read articles, and then we write paragraphs about it. There’s ideas that we read from the paper, and that helps us to write our paragraphs.

In The Hunger Games, we’re at the point where Rue was murdered and Katniss went to go find Peeta and they kissed. Katniss found out about Peeta’s horrible leg wound and that he got blood poisoning and is going to die soon. Ariana: I read the book before and saw the movie. Jennifer: I saw the movie. We like the book better than the movie because the movie missed so many parts of the book. The movie missed things like the part where Katniss gets bread from District 11 and Madge, the girl who gives Katniss the mockingjay pin.

In Science we’re learning about the solar system and the phases of the moon. We took a little break from puberty. It isn’t pretty. Before we took a break, we learned about abusive relationships and how to avoid them, and zits. In Math we’re learning about discounts and markup prices. We’re also learning about interest rates.

In PE we did our third pacer test and we’re going to do our push-ups test and our sit-ups test next week. Ariana: I tied Lena in the pacer test. My lungs were burning and no matter how much water I drank, my throat was dry and I was hyperventilating. Jennifer: I got 2 more laps than my score last week. I couldn’t feel my legs. I learned that I’m warm-blooded! We’re also working on striking skills, like in hockey or volleyball or soccer.


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