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5/6 Class Group A, week of 3/17/14

Above: Pictures we did while studying similar figures.

Today’s reporters are Theo and Caitlyn.

Today in PE we ran the pacer test again. Coach Eric says: Most people have run it 3 times, some have run it 4, so we probably won’t run it again. Next we’ll do some other fitness tests. Caitlyn: Mostly everybody got past their goal.

In Math we’re doing discounts and markups. We had a test on them this week. We’re learning how to do decimals and reduce to fractions.

This week in Science we are back to the Puberty unit. We are studying STDs. We’re going to move back to the Solar System next week.

Today in Humanities we had a test about ancient civilizations: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Aztecs, and Ancient China. On Tuesday we had the CLA (California Learning Assessment) standardized test. Caitlyn: It was pretty hard. Theo: It’s not very fun. It was kind of boring.

We’re also still reading The Hunger Games. Katniss drugged Peeta so she could go out to the feast and get the medicine for him. Now we’re at the point where they’re running out of food in the cave. Caitlyn: I haven’t watched the movie. I want to though. Theo: I haven’t seen the movie either.

In Garden class we were trying to make a sorbet, but it wasn’t frozen enough, so we had to just drink it. It was made of sugar, water, juice, and flowers from the garden. It was still tasty because it had a lot of sugar! We also picked up trash out of the new sidewalk gardens.

In Playworks we played a game that is a mix of soccer, football, and hockey. There was a soccer goal, and a football, and we used pool noodles to block the goal.

In Library we did the typing assignment again. It’s a program called All the Right Type. It’s games and things that are played by typing letters in the keyboard. Theo: I’m on the leaderboard for the games.

Here’s some of our analyses of power: P1020174 P1020175



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