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5/6 Class Group B, week of 3/24/14

Today’s reporters are Eduardo and Ezekiel.

On Monday, it was just the usual Monday but in Math we went back to fractions for a little bit. We’re doing different math projects. Today we did a Jeopardy game where the categories were like Multiplication, Division, Geometry, Fractions and Decimals, and Mish-Mash, which is questions from all the categories. We started learning about angles.

In the Puberty unit, we’re learning about diseases, like HIV, AIDS, herpes, and genital warts.

On Wednesday and Thursday in Molly’s class (humanities) we had a substitute. In Humanities we’re doing quick writing- short sentences. Lately we’re doing paragraphs about ancient civilizations to improve our writing skills. We just finished up book clubs on Monday, now we’re moving into non-fiction reading and writing.

In Library we’re doing a typing program called All the Right Type (atrt.org). It’s helping us to improve our typing speed.

In PE we’re doing our Training Goals report. We check over all the work we’ve done; if you’re done you can go to free choice, or if not you need to finish up. Training Goals is where you practice skills like free throws, badminton, or soccer kicks, etc. You do it once a week for 5 weeks. At the end you do a presentation about how you progressed with your skills. You can do a summary, chart, or a video. There’s a sheet with a list of questions and you need to answer five of them.

For Garden class we made sorbets. It’s mostly orange juice and some plants, it was supposed to be frozen but came out more like Jell-O. We ground up the plants really small to put in.

In Playworks we finished the kickball game. Everybody started to give up and got a little tired of it. Two weeks ago we played Knockout. Two people go up against each other doing free throws. If you make the throw, you pass it to the person behind you in line. That’s a warning to the other guy that they need to make the throw. It’s pretty confusing to explain, you have to see it or play it to understand it! It’s a free-for-all, not a team sport.



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