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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 Class, 3/28/14

Above: Ben made a fierce warrior out of pattern blocks

Today our energy level was really high because everyone was excited about Spring Break. At the art table we continued making masks:

Adrian shows his mask:P1020215

Christopher made a Spiderman mask:P1020212

Ahndy’s mask:P1020209

Camilo is coloring his mask:P1020208

Justin shows the Catwoman mask he made for his sister:P1020211We had some students visiting from Ms. Sweeney’s 4/5 class. Sometimes a substitute doesn’t show up, so the students from that class go to other classes to do their assignments.

P1020213 P1020214At Closing Circle almost everyone talked about how excited they were about Spring Break. Have a great break everyone, and see you back in April!


Parent of an SFC 6th grader and an SFC '17 grad


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