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5/6 Classes Group A, week of 4/7/14

Today’s reporters are Samantha and Yesenia.

Today we’re researching puberty on the Chromebooks. We each have a different topic to research. Samantha: I’m researching changing bodies. Yesenia: Me too. Some other topics are STDs, AIDS, how to be safe.

In math we’re studying angles: right angles, straight angles, acute and obtuse angles and their degrees. We’re studying parallelograms and solving problems. For example if you have a straight angle that is divided into two angles that are 120 degrees and x degrees, what is x? (Answer: 60). We’re also learning about isosceles triangles. A circle can’t be a polygon because a polygon has to have straight edges, it can’t curve.

We finished reading The Hunger Games on Wednesday. We both saw the movie before the book. We both liked the movie better. Samantha: I liked the movie better because you can see when they’re fighting and stuff. We’re working in groups to study the ancient civilizations. Samantha: I’m doing Mayan religion. I’m writing a chapter about it. Yesenia: I’m doing Mesopotamia. The groups are Rome, Mayans, Mesopotamia, Vikings, and one other we forgot right now! Each person researches a topic for the civilization, like writing, religion, family structure and writes a chapter about it. We also ask questions and answer them, and write them in our binder. We’re also writing paragraphs about power.

Teacher Molly has been reading us some non-fiction stories. Yesterday she read to us about the elephant prince, and today about how the ancient Chinese thought the earth was made. For homework we read fiction, and in class we read non-fiction.

In PE we played hockey. We also played Steal the Bacon hockey. It’s like Steal the Bacon, but with hockey sticks and a hockey ball. (Note: Steal the Bacon is a game we play at Whole School Picnic every fall.) We learned how to scoop up the ball up with a stick to shoot it. Today we started tennis. We also did fitness tests. The 5th graders did the weight test. Coach Eric uses a measuring device on the skin to test your fat. Other tests are pushups, situps, and pullups.


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