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How will YOU Celebrate Earth Day (everyday)?



Ms. Kathleen’s 2nd Graders chalk up the sidewalk with a big reminder that next Tuesday is EARTH DAY. They brainstorm ideas about what they love about nature and what they do in their lives to to thank and protect Mother Earth: things like carpooling, composting, recycling and growing our garden. The garden is a great place to connect with nature and to learn how to conserve our precious resources.


4/5th graders wrote their first letters to pen pals at Cleveland and Fairmount Elementary schools. In their letters they introduced themselves, shared their favorite things about the garden and asked their new pen pals questions about themselves.


Honey Bunny was our mystery visitor this Tuesday.   She is a rescue that was the delight of Teacher Veronica’s 1st grade as they prepare to go to the zoo this Thursday. Firstly we made connections between body parts and function as we pieced together what animal she might be. Once she was revealed, we modeled how to show respect to animals and make them feel safe by moving slowly, giving them space and turning our sounds down. 7/8th graders Shakila and Isabel helped introduce Honey Bunny to the little ones and Isabel shared her vocabulary prowess by commenting on the leporine nature of this little bunny.

IMG_1144 IMG_1143

5/6th grade made very informative posters about some of the wildlife and plants that we can find in our garden and California as we continue to explore the Bay Area climate and ecosystems, habitats and human impact. We are investigating the adaptations and resilience of plants and animals and researching how we humans can be have a positive rather than negative impact on our environment.

Next week (and every day) don’t forget to pause for a moment, breath deeply and thank mother nature for EVERYTHING you have. HAVE A FANTASTIC EARTH DAY.



I am very excited to be the new Education Outside, Outdoor Classroom Corps Member at the amazing San Francisco Community School. Please email me or, even better, stop in the garden any time to see what is happening and how you can get involved. *** About Us: Education Outside is a San Francisco-based nonprofit that transforms school gardens into dynamic outdoor classrooms where learning comes to life. Learn more about our Corps for Education Outside at www.educationoutside.org. Interested in learning more about Education Outside? Follow us on Twitter: (http://www.twitter.com/eduoutside) Like us on Facebook: (http://www.facebook.com/educationoutside)


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